Here comes Christmas!

Here comes Christmas! - SleepworldIntl Canada

Here comes Christmas!


It's Christmaaaas! A season full of joyful music, delectable delicacies, and, of course, presents piled high beneath beautifully decorated trees. But do your home and bedroom, particularly your bedding, exude Christmas spirit, or are the decorations masking depressing decor?


While you may decorate your home with glistening baubles, twinkling lights, and seasonal scented candles, we've dug a little deeper to find out what's actually going on in the world of interior design this Christmas. Our team at EnvioHome has analyzed bedding patterns to create our own holiday forecasts. Will yuletide cheer and plush pillows sweep the country? Will there be cold periods and low-tog duvets in December? Will there be goodwill and throws, or will there be goodwill and throws? 

This Christmas, we face a global dilemma:

High thread-count bedding. 200 thread-count sheets and duvet covers will set the mood in December, whether we're gifting on a budget or buying more bank balance-friendly bed linen for guests. This Christmas, there's no need to make concessions. All you have to do is look through our lovely bedding assortment to find quality and higher thread-count bed linen at a lower price. The pillows we choose, whether in December or at any other time of the year, are all based on personal preference. Some people prefer mild microfiber, while others prefer hard feather-filled patterns. Soft pillows, on the other hand, appear to be a must-have this Christmas.

Duvet Set



A thick blanket, often known as a winter duvet, is great for keeping those icy temperatures at away. However, not every household chooses to upgrade to a heavier blanket, a decision that could result in a chilly Christmas for many this year. We forecast that nearly two-thirds of houses will be cold on December 25th, with only one-third (36%) of households opting for duvets over the month. This is up from 21% in June, which was the hottest month of the year, but it may make you feel cold. 


Christmas duvet sets


This Christmas, what does your house say about you? Are you all snuggled up and ready for the holidays? Will you be shivering your way through the season, or will you be able to enjoy it?

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