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Made in Green

For nearly three decades, sustainability has been at the core of OEKO-TEX.  We are encouraged to see that more individuals and businesses are considering how their actions impact the environment. We are all accountable for the health of this planet, both collectively and individually. As we all work to make the world a greener place, the OEKO-TEX purpose remains unchanged: to make the textile industries more sustainable, reliable, and safe.

At EnvioHome, we strive for a healthier future by empowering consumers to make environmentally conscious decisions. We understand that consumers want to make the best decisions possible, but determining which brands are actually committed versus which ones are simply "greenwashed" may be overwhelming and time-consuming. Third-party product labels from OEKO-TEX are a valuable tool for helping consumers live more in line with their values and confidently choose textiles and home goods that are safer for users, textile workers, and the environment. 

Comfort sheets for comfort sleep

For your convenience, EnvioHome carries a vast assortment of bed linen. Fieldcrest and other well-known companies offer top-of-the-line cotton flannel sheet. We think that our greatest accomplishment is client happiness, so we only sell products from trusted and reputable brands. Our consumers will get a better night's sleep as a result of this. By adhering to the organizational innovation of "excellent production, client foremost," we have always tried our hardest to meet our clients' prospective expectations by offering them with all sized bed linen, including cotton bed sheet and organic cotton bed sheet sets, since the industry's inception. Because financial globalization has become an unstoppable force.

Duvet Cover in Canada

These cotton sheets are among the best and cheapest on the market. If you're seeking for luxuriously soft and aesthetically pleasing bed sheets, you've come to the right place! They're really light, porous, and fluffy. You'll be wishing for more after seeing these linens! Cotton and organic cotton linens are well known for their softness. Our flannel sheets' combed texture has absorbing properties that aid in the trapping of air and body heat while allowing your skin to rest. Unlike fleece or other man-made fibers, flannel sheets will keep you warm without making you sweaty and overheated when you wake up. As a result, our cotton luxury has increased.

A circular economy, which attempts to eliminate waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use, and regenerate natural systems, is required for industry to survive within our planetary bounds in the future. EnvioHome has a quality-check assessment plan to discover possibilities to improve the environmental performance of products at various times in their lifecycle, which is critical to building a circular economy.

Global Recycle Standard

The assessment plan considers how a textile affects the environment at each stage:

  • Raw material extraction (i.e. cotton cultivation & cotton fiber production)
  • Raw material processing (i.e. cotton spinning)
  • Fabric manufacturing (i.e. circular knitting and electricity consumption)
  • Bleaching, dyeing and finishing
  • Assembly
  • Use phase
  • Disposal
  • Transport (throughout the supply and consumption chain)