What makes rise & fall bedding so good?

What makes rise & fall bedding so good? - SleepworldIntl Canada


The Best Cotton

The Best Cotton


Organic cotton bedding is a terrific choice for a sustainable lifestyle and is also simple to maintain. If you are concerned about living in an environmentally friendly manner, you should consider not just what you buy, but also how you care for your cotton bedding. Bedding made of organic cotton can be cleaned at any temperature. It will not be harmed by a hot wash every now and then. When you choose high-quality organic bedding, however, you want to look after it and use it for as long as possible. Sleepworld's Organic bedding should last you years, if not decades, if properly cared for. You also want to make sure you're washing it in the most environmentally friendly way possible. This implies using low-temperature washing whenever possible. Lowering the temperature when washing cotton bedding saves energy and extends the life of the fabric. In most cases, a low-temperature wash will suffice to keep your organic cotton bedding clean and fresh.

Line Drying Can Also Reduce Ironing


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If necessary, you can iron your organic cotton sheets securely. However, it's important to remember that ironing uses energy as well. You should not need to iron your bedding if you wash it on a low temperature and line dry it instead of tumble drying it. If you do decide to iron your organic cotton bedding, do so while it is still somewhat moist and at low temps to save energy

As you can see from the examples above, organic cotton bedding is simple to care for and does not require any special attention. However, it is important to consider not only the sustainability of the cotton bedding you select, but also how long it will last. Don’t hesitate in getting more ideas relevant to your choice from our website and make a perfect combo for your bedroom.

The Right Techniques

Organic Cotton


We looked at a lot of different choices and decided on 144 and 300 thread counts because they make the most of our extra-long staple cotton in each weave. As a result, you receive the greatest sheet – and a more restful night's sleep. Because of the weave, fewer threads can be crammed into each square inch of sheet, giving it a light, airy feel. The postage labels are the only plastic in our packing (we're working on it). We don't use any unneeded harmful chemicals and only use Oeko-Tex and GOTS approved colors and chemicals. So, while the finish of our sheets will improve the physical quality of your sleep, you may also sleep better knowing that they were manufactured carefully.

100% Organic

100% Organic Sheets
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